On-Page Optimization Package

Below package is only for on-page optimization (website optimization) Link building is not included in this package.
$207 Days

On-Page Optimization Package

  • Keyword research – We will find best industry keywords for your website niche. Those keywords will be sent to you for approval.
  • Meta Tag Creation – Once you have approved the keywords, we will prepare Meta tags of the final keywords for each page and will upload them on website.
  • Google Analytics Installation – We will install Google analytics on your website so that you can track the traffic and the sources that bring visitors to the website.
  • Google Webmaster tools Installation – We will also install google webmaster tools on your website. Webmaster tools are essential to keep track of the website’s health and flaws.
  • Sitemap Generation & Submission – We will generate and submit sitemap of your website. Sitemap is a list of all pages and posts with their respective importance and frequency.
  • Website Analysis – We will carry out a thorough analysis of the website which will include its user friendliness, mobile compatibility, health, speed, errors, and solutions as well as w3c validation of your website.
  • Keyword density analysis – We will check the density of keywords in the content on every page on the website and suggest you changes in the keyword density if needed.
  • Website structure analysis – We will analyze website current structure which includes website flow, no. of pages, website flow and based on that we will suggest you to add/delete pages and re-structure it if necessary.
  • Website Content Audit – We will audit the current content of your website for grammar, uniqueness and keyword density. We will offer suggestions if the content needs changes.
  • Search Engine submission – When all the necessary changes are made to your website, we will submit your optimized website to all different search engines for indexing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important if you own a website and especially if you want to create revenue out of it. Therefore, hiring a professional team of SEO experts is extremely essential provided that you are serious about your business. SEO is like internet marketing. It basically helps to put your website among the top contenders when people search for a certain phrase or word.

At SEO Services Chicago, Our experts will provide you with top of the line and affordable web SEO services that will help your business shine and will also help your website rank among the top websites.

Who Needs SEO?

No SEO means zero visitors on your website. Therefore, if you have ignored the use of SEO, then search engines are unable to sort out, label and rank your website. SEO is important to get on top of different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Any person who has a website would want to rank first on Google. This enhances your website’s visibility within the search results which are presented by various search engines once someone uses them to look for certain things.

Our Guarantee:

If you want to get to top of Google, you will not be able to without the proper SEO use. Therefore, we at SEO Services Chicago guarantee that we will make your website rank first on Google and other search engines. We base our approach upon understanding your business entirely before coming up with an SEO strategy that is perfect for your brand and business.

Our Results:

We at SEO Services Chicago deal with SEO optimization which helps you get ranked by search engines for the relevant keywords on your website. We take out our time to make your business perform better by having a good online presence. If done correctly, SEO can help you generate leads and sales. SEO is a potent tool which provides considerable results for your business.

Unlike what others think, we believe that SEO is not just about certain keywords pushed here and there in between content so that search engines pick up and rank your website. We help you in creating content that is aimed at people and not only search engines because search engines won’t be buying from you but people will.

Secondly, we make sure there is no copied content from elsewhere because search engines will penalize your website for having duplicate content leading to either your website not showing up on search engines which means no traffic. Also what most websites owners don’t understand is that having very little content on the website leads to search engines downgrading your website. Furthermore, we also help you out with link building. Link building is important as without this you may not rank on the search engines. Therefore whoever is doing this needs to know how many back links you need to rank.

Last but not least, we don’t share our client results for privacy reasons therefore, and you can trust us when it comes to your personal and confidential information.

Bespoke Search Engine Optimization Chicago – For You And Your Business Success

Being a fully experienced company and support of our very talented people, we are confident enough to push your business to the next level. No matter, what kind of business you have, what is the size of the same, your target market or anything else, we just know we can get your business a great ranking for quick leads and success. Picking us, you will find we are the one who can offer you the best and reliable SEO services which are incomparable. Yes, we are completely out of the box and always perform something which NO other company does in all around the world.

We don’t stop here only and have a lot to offer you. To build up more trust and confidence, we make sure to offer you guaranteed SEO services on the grounds that our clients must be satisfied and constantly get great rankings and leads. We don’t surprise our clients just by our top-class incomparable services only, eve you will be glad to check our pricing which are very affordable. Yes the Search Engine Optimization Chicago package we offer will meet all your requirements, no matter what type of company you run.

As we always believe to be transparent – one can find us doing the right work and performing very effective advertisement battles to give you everything which you deserve to have. All in all, we are here to improve your business website’s ranking with effective and authentic SEO, thus, don’t worry about anything and enjoy doing business over the web.

What To Expect From Us?

We are here to exceed your expectations, however, expect all good things from us. We do a lot of things for you, just check them all and you will understand how worthy we are to have for your business promotion and marketing campaign.

We Will Make Your Site Optimize

Most of the marketing companies never put attention on your website look, feel and coding used via which SEO is impossible. We make sure to correct all the incorrect things related to your website so that it looks best in the eyes of major search engines. We concentrate on your website coding, which must be exactly as per the terminology of major search engines. It includes everything – making anchor text in the correct order, create SEO friendly permalinks, use hyphens to improve readability, perform entire on-page activities for better ranking, tracking and ultimately the expected results.

We Go For High Quality Links

Our Search Engine Optimization Chicago experts never believe in producing unlimited backlinks, even they just believe in creating very high quality backlinks which offer you the best results. Quality is always better than quantity and we always follow the same.

We Make You Social

We also offer great social media visibility to your business so that everybody aware with your business and visit you for knowing more details. We are backed up with so amazing and creative team which very well aware with how to encourage people to visit to your website.

Simply, we will take you to the first page of all major search engines- CALL US TODAY!!!